How WestConnex Will Change Sydney’s Inner City

August 9th, 2018 - by Brad Gillespie

The WestConnex project is in full swing across Sydney, including the inner city.

Unsurprisingly the project has faced some controversy, but there are some positives for locals. We take a look at what WestConnex is, how it aims to benefit Sydney’s inner city and the result the project may have on property prices in Alexandria and surrounding inner Sydney suburbs.

What is Westconnex and where will it go?

Billed as the biggest infrastructure project in Australian history, WestConnex is a new motorway designed to ease congestion and provide better connections across the city. Its total distance on completion will be 33 kilometres, most of which will be underground.

In combination with a series of smaller projects, WestConnex will connect the west and south-west of the city, from Parramatta to Beverley Hills via the inner city and inner west.

What’s happening with WestConnex now?

As of mid-2018, WestConnex is over 40% finished and is due for completion in 2023. After construction started in 2016, the focus was mainly on the M4 East, the M4 widening and improvements between Parramatta and Homebush, as well as lengthened on- and off-ramps at King Georges Road M5 Interchange.

The inner city is currently a focus area, with the new M5 project and the M4-M5 Link. So there are several very visible construction and dig sites around the local inner city area.

WestConnex in Alexandria: New M5 and M4-M5 Link

The biggest impact WestConnex has on Alexandria and surrounds is in the construction of a new M5, due to be finished in 2020. In this phase of the project, twin underground motorway tunnels are being constructed, spanning nine kilometres from Kingsgrove to a new St Peters Interchange, which will be located at the old Alexandria landfill facility and provide connections to Alexandria and Mascot.

The new tunnels will also connect to the M4-M5 Link, which will connect the new M4 at Haberfield to the new M5 at St Peter's. This project is scheduled for a 2023 completion.

Benefits of WestConnex in the inner city

Despite the controversy, WestConnex has faced, and the inconvenience and intrusion many residents are facing day-to-day as it is built, the project is designed to bring a raft of benefits to Sydneysiders and to those in the inner city specifically. These include:

-  Reduced traffic and congestion on local roads, by sending through-traffic and trucks into the underground tunnels and away from residential areas
-  Easier and quicker connections between suburbs, leading to reduced commuting times across the city
-  More green spaces in St Peters, totalling 6 hectares
-  12km of additional cycle/pedestrian paths in St Peters, linked to existing cycleways
-  Upgraded streets and intersections around the St Peters Interchange

WestConnex and the effect on property prices

While the reality of how WestConnex is still a while off, large infrastructure improvements are one key thing that tends to affect property prices - for both renters and buyers - as they tend to drive up appeal and demand in these areas.

With five years remaining on the project and construction currently interrupting the inner city, it is a little too soon to say how property prices will be affected by Westconnex. However, with the proposed improvements leading to an even more enjoyable life in the inner city, there is likely to be increased demand for properties in Alexandria and other key areas serviced by WestConnex. This could lead to a spike in property prices towards the completion of the project.

To talk about the effect of WestConnex on the inner-city property, get in touch with me today.