Tips For A Seasonal Home Makeover

June 12th, 2020 - by Brad Gillespie

Is your home crying out for a winter makeover?

Check out these great ideas for revamping your space into something truly homey, warm and welcoming – including local stores to check out, too.

Declutter and re-order

The first step in a winter makeover includes packing away anything that doesn’t quite fit with the look you’re going for. Clear the rack in the hall so there’s space for winter coats and swap out summer throws and cushions for deeper coloured furnishings, faux sheepskins and luxe textures. Don’t forget to dig out any recipe books you have that focus on warming soups, stews and pastas. A carefully placed pile on the coffee table can make for great winter meal inspo!

Shop your home

Repurposing what you’ve got before buying anything new can actually give a tired space a completely different look and feel. Why not switch a bedroom lamp to your living area? Or swap rugs around? You should also look at re-organising furniture to create cosy reading nooks, spaces for playing board games or deep and meaningful conversations. Cluster chairs or small sofas near the fire or heater – and if you’re stuck with a non-functional fireplace? Stack it with logs and pine cones for that winter look.

Let there be light

Winter is the perfect time to make changes to your home’s lighting. Group a few chunky candles to brighten up a dark corner or opt for flameless candles so you don’t have to worry about fire hazards. Similarly, cost-effective lanterns with tea lights can give your space some serious wow factor. Check out the lamps, light fixtures and vintage bulbs at The Society Inc store in St Peters, or check out the art deco lighting and chandeliers at The Vintage Shop on Enmore Rd. Add table and floor lamps for a warm, soft glow, and choose brighter energy-efficient bulbs.

Add a throw or two

There’s nothing nicer than snuggling up under a warm cosy blanket on the couch. Just add popcorn and Netflix, right? If you’re in the market for a whole new look for the couch, check out the range at Newtown homewares store Eastern Flair, or grab some gorgeous velvet throw cushions across the road at Tree of Life. You’ll also find a heap of homeware inspo a little further afield at Jim and Jane in Annandale.

Layer up in the bedroom

Creating a snug, inviting vibe in the boudoir is all about getting the piles of dirty clothes and coffee cups out, and bringing the texture in! Layering up your bed is the key. Think luxuriously thick flannel sheets, plush double-quilted throws (we love these ones from Newtown’s Tree of Life), furry throws and big cotton velvet bed cushions, which are perfect for reading in bed. These ones from nearby IKEA are a steal and if you have floorboards, buy a high pile floor rug, too – nice for your toes when getting out of the cosy bed on a cold morning.

Stock up on special beverages

Winter is all about the best beverages, right? For something a little bit more special than the supermarket English Breakfast brew, browse the unique tea blends at Newtown tea bar, TTotaller – they come in reusable glass apothecary bottles. And for a Friday night in, quarantinis are just the ticket – try Continental Delicatessen on Australia Street in Newtown, which sells Cosmopolitinis and Martinis (complete in ring-pull tins) for just $12 a pop.

Add some new artwork

Shake up your walls and create a wintery mood with some new posters and artworks. Blue Dog in Newtown has some fantastic options to choose from, or you could rescue some of the best pictures your kids have drawn during isolation and buy a frame or two to preserve them on the wall. Winter’s also a great time to add warm, textural elements to your space such as macrame hangings.

Don’t forget the garden

Whether you have a tiny balcony, a courtyard, or a garden, make sure you give it some TLC this winter. It is a great time to prune, feed, prepare, and plant, ready for Spring growth. If you're short on space, grab a gorgeous terrarium from Flower and Co, prepare a vertical garden or plant some winter crops like climbing broad beans.
You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a comfortable space this winter. We hope these ideas have given you a starting point for a seasonal shake-up and a home you’re happy to hibernate in during the coming months!

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