The Top 5 Interior Design Trends For 2023

January 20th, 2023 - by Brad Gillespie

In recent years, interior design trends have focused on serenity and comfort – understandable, given the pandemic rollercoaster we’ve all been riding since 2020.

But in 2023, the mood has shifted. We’re ready to re-enter the world, and the new year’s interior design trends have captured that optimistic, ebullient vibe.

1. Individual and eclectic

One of this year’s main interiors trends is almost an anti-trend of sorts – individualism. Forget slavishly decorating your home in one theme or style from the front door all the way through to the bathroom; 2023 is the year to mix it up and go with whatever décor resonates for you. The move towards individual and eclectic design is a reaction to the minimalist look that has prevailed in interiors for the past decade, as well as the rather drab few years we’ve all just lived through. It’s time to seek out one-of-a-kind pieces from master craftspeople, local designers, and vintage, second-hand and op shops, and embrace your heirlooms. Go for pieces that mean something to you.

2. Colour, texture and pattern

Continuing the move away from sleek minimalism is the revival of colour, texture and pattern in interior design.

Experts from Architectural Digest to Homes to Love are all heralding the return of bright and vibrant colour to the interior palette in 2023, whether it’s used in large swathes or less overwhelming accents. Push the boat out with on-trend shades from Dulux’s Revive palette, specially conceived for 2023, featuring soft lilac and blue, together with warm yellow, emerald green and hints of fun pink and purple. Pantone has also tapped into the colourful zeitgeist with their colour of 2023, Viva Magenta, an exuberant red.

Expect to see pattern and texture harnessed in the pursuit of fun, unique interiors in 2023, too. As Alice Benn, an associate at Alwill Interiors, told Homes to Love, “there will be a huge explosion of pattern on pattern,” with statement wallpaper, florals, stripes and furniture upholstered in printed fabrics all set to feature. Meanwhile, textured walls and ceilings, which have been growing in popularity over recent years, will take centre stage in 2023. From Venetian or Mediterranean plaster, textured wallpapers like sisal or grasscloth, and timber panelling to limewash paints, texture is being introduced into every room in the house.

3 .The return of the traditional

In another sign that minimalism is well and truly on its way out, Vogue Living reports that traditional design, including Art Deco, mid-century modern, and granny chic, will have a moment in 2023. The gorgeous Victorian terraces and Art Deco buildings of the inner west are perfectly primed for this trend. Enhance your property’s period details with unique and idiosyncratic antique or vintage furniture, lighting and homewares sourced from op shops and second-hand marketplaces.

4. Sustainability is king

As more and more of us acknowledge that sustainability is a non-negotiable lifelong commitment rather than just a passing fad, it continues to rise in prominence in interior design and architecture, too.

This year, smaller homes with less of a carbon footprint feature on the list of design trends, sparked not only by environmental concerns but also ongoing supply chain problems and the increased costs of building and renovating. Designers, architects and homeowners are increasingly leaning towards sustainable home design that prioritises natural light, minimises the need for heating and cooling, and is more energy efficient. And why not? Not only does it minimise your impact on the environment, but it ensures your home costs less to run, too.

5. Back to nature

Synced with the movement towards more sustainable homes is the trend for nature-inspired design. This trend has been popular for several years now, but it looks set to continue into 2023 through the use of colours inspired by the earth and the sea.

Dulux’s 2023 colour palette Connect evokes the great outdoors with its warm, earthy tones like muted greens, wheat yellows, and accents of grey, charcoal and warm, deep brown. Warm hues like latte browns, creamy yellows and earthy reds are being touted by the likes of Homes to Love, while global trend ambassador Patti Carpenter favours corals, apricots, russets and even oranges.

If you’re more of a cool tones person, consider Dulux’s third and final colour palette for 2023, Balance. Inspired by the ocean, it includes deep, moody teals and blues, soft greens and hints of dark garnet and near-black. Carpenter also predicts pale, almost-white shades of blue and green will rise in popularity this year.

Of course, our love for nature-inspired design also translates to our indoor and outdoor gardens. Houseplants have been in vogue for a while now, and this year the trend continues with the rise of rare varieties, like plants with unusually coloured foliage and intriguing shapes. When it comes to outdoor spaces, the international garden experts at Garden Design predict that vertical gardening will be a hit in 2023. Perfect for our smaller gardens, courtyards and balconies in the inner west and inner city, vertical gardening includes growing a climber up a trellis or pergola, cultivating plants in hanging baskets, planter boxes or containers, or growing a living wall.

If you’re thinking about making a property move in Sydney’s inner city or inner west in 2023, we can help. Get in touch with my team today.