Make Your Home A Garden

November 9th, 2018 - by Brad Gillespie

You don’t need a great garden to be a great gardener.

In fact, you don’t even need a backyard or any outdoor space at all. With these indoor gardening solutions, you can easily freshen up your living space with the greenery you crave. Check out these ideas for indoor plants that are eye-catching, wellness-enhancing and low-maintenance, and which won’t overgrow your bounds:

Why indoor

Even if you have outdoor space, there are special benefits to keeping plants indoors. According to a NASA study, the spider plant has a knack for purifying air of certain volatile irritants. Other plants can help condition your home’s air. The areca palm, for instance, helps add moisture to the air where it’s needed. If you live in a humid area like Sydney and are looking for a natural dehumidifier, plants such as the peace lily or cactuses work to decrease humidity in your space. Or you can just get plants because, well, they look nice.

Build a wall of lushness

Tired of looking at the same old paint job on the wall? Not keen to set aside a week of labour, expense and paint fumes to fix it? Wouldn’t you like to just cover it all up with a leafy wall of lushness? Good news, you can do exactly that with a garden wall. There are plenty of climbing plants and vines that are well-behaved enough to keep at home. Some climb straight up your wall. With a traditional trellis, you can install a pastoral lattice of leaves in the kitchen, or behind the lounge-room couch. Or just improve the view from your home office chair with a wall of living green behind your well-worn laptop and coffee mug — a small investment that will take your study room to the ivy leagues. Literally, at least.

Balcony plants

If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony, you can enhance your view — and your privacy — with small trees such as the kumquat, which produces delicious edible citrus. Try the functional, mosquito-repelling marigold. Or something simple like a spray of native tall grass.

Enjoy an edible garden

Indoor plants aren’t just visually pleasing — they can be downright delicious. Do you like the idea of harvesting homegrown fruits and herbs? You can now order anything from the cheapest seeds to the most deluxe self-contained kits, including organic soil. If you’re used to buying herbs from the supermarket, your garden may pay for itself pretty quickly. Not to mention giving you the satisfaction of snapping off a fresh sprig of mint for your morning smoothie, or fragrant sage for your breakfast scramble. It’s one tasty way to reduce your carbon footprint and save yourself a packet.

The terrarium: not your science teacher’s terrarium!

Well, okay, to be honest, it is exactly your science teacher’s terrarium. In particular, that science teacher who rocked the inimitable neon sunnies/bow-tie/plaid shirt combo. But let’s set aside that image for a moment to appreciate the beauty of this ancient device. There’s the eye candy factor, as terrariums allow you to keep all kinds of bright and exotic flowering plants in home conditions. You’ll experience the joys of benign neglect, as terrariums allow you to keep delicate plants that would normally fade to black under the care of an amateur. There’s no need to add water or fertiliser, or trim overgrowth. You’re good to go forever. And there’s the clean factor: since the design is totally enclosed you won’t be attracting any unwanted six- or eight-legged visitors to your abode. See, your science teacher was right about something after all! As well as, you know, science.

Get growing

Congratulations! You are ready to start your indoor gardening adventure. And if you’re looking for a new space to house those beautiful plants, check out the rest of our website. With 18 years of local experience, Brad Gillespie and his team can help you find your perfect inner Sydney home. For all other queries, consult your local nursery.