Suburb Showcase: Erskineville

February 28th, 2020 - by Brad Gillespie

Discover Erskineville, known as Erko to the locals - a thriving inner-city suburb known for its village atmosphere, cafe communities and iconic pubs.

Learn about the location

Bounded by Swanson St and Sydney Park Rd in the heart of the inner city, Erskineville, more affectionately known as "Erko," has long stood out from the crowd. Originally a working-class suburb that was later heavily influenced by Greek and Macedonian cultures, the regenerated suburb is now composed of a cultural cross-section of locals that enjoy the village feel with proximity to the hustle and bustle of the city.

Erskineville counts eclectic Newtown as its western neighbour, with Redfern to the north, St Peters to the south, and Alexandria to the east. The locality of Camperdown sits over the north-west border, with the closeness of the University of Sydney campus making Erskineville a popular residence for students as well as young city professionals and long-term residents.

Property market update: Erskineville real estate

The history of Victorian terrace houses has left its mark on the modern Erskineville real estate market, making for streets of covetable properties that boast inner city convenience and relatively comfortable, often renovated, living spaces. The Erskineville postcode has become increasingly attractive in the Sydney real estate market over the past decade due to its proximity to the central business district, funky industrial areas as well as educational institutions, and its charming historic properties and character streets.

Erskineville has always been known for celebrating diversity, and this is reflected in the local population. The last census showed 50% of residents were renters with a 17% population change over 5 years. The population of Erskineville is just over 8,000, with the average age of residents falling on the younger side, between 20 to 39.

The laneways and quirky streets of Erskineville attract big crowds when properties are up for sale, with an average of 705 people visiting online. In terms of property prices, Erskineville has held onto its value consistently over the past few years. As of December 2019, Erskineville homes sell on average for $1.3 million, with units selling for an average of $873,500.

Five fun facts about Erskineville

A pioneering legend lives on here

The memory and legacy of pioneer Erskineville teacher, trader union leader and activist Lucy Woodcock lives on at Erskineville Public School where they name the school hall after her.

She was instrumental in fighting for Australian children’s and women’s rights, helping to achieve salary restoration, a teacher’s certificate, equal pay and opportunities for female teachers. Her desire for equality wasn’t limited to the classroom, as she co-founded the Australia-China Society and helped to set up the ‘Australian Aborigines Evangelical Fellowship’.

A rose by any other name...

The area that we know as Erskineville today was known by several different names before its final name stuck. In 1872, the area was named Macdonaldtown, with the streets in the area being named after the landowner Stephen Macdonald’s family.
The name evolved again in 1893 when it was changed to the “Borough of Erskineville,” now just shortened to Erskineville. This name was derived from “Erskine Villa,” the home of Wesleyan minister Reverend George Erskine.

Outdoor activities are always an option

Whilst the streets of Erskineville have become busier over the years, the parks and natural havens within Erskineville provide the perfect spaces for relaxation and outdoor activity. The sacred sporting grounds of Erskineville Oval have hosted many a nail-bitter over the years as a rugby league ground, and now is a local favourite for kicking the ball around and enjoying the Sydney sunshine.

Next door at Harry Noble Reserve you’ll find a diverse space that is filled with something for the whole family. There’s an extensive children’s playground, basketball and netball rings, and picnic and barbeque areas, with your four-legged friends allowed to stretch their legs with you off the leash.

The Alexandria Erskineville Bowling Club is another local favourite for community congregations, whether it's to watch sporting events or have a game of lawn bowls.

Street art is just footsteps away

Erskineville is made richer by its neighbouring suburbs that share its affinity for culture and community. One of the visual markers is the colourful street art that connects Erskineville with its expressive adjoining neighbours. On the borders of Erskineville, Newtown and St Peters, Darley Lane plays host to artwork inspired by the spice shop it resides on. This colourful creation is a perfect starting point for a walk around the local streets, where political figures and popular culture collide on brick walls and act as canvases for contemporary news.

You may even spot some other famous local landmarks on your venture!

Its pubs are not just iconic in the community, but also on the big screen

The Imperial could be mistaken for a living museum when you consider its rich history and growth over the years since the first hotel was built on its grounds in 1881. And it was only a matter of time before the vibrancy and sense of community of Erskineville was captured on film. In 1993 the low-budget feature film, now cult sensation, “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”, filmed their opening scene with Guy Pearce and Hugo Weaving at the Front Bar of the Imperial.

This moment was the cherry on top of the message of pride and equality that the Imperial represented in the lives of so many. Since then it has undergone restoration to reinforce its art deco roots and remains a symbol of inclusivity and freedom for the LGBTQI community.

While not appearing on the big screen, many big names and locals alike have shared a drink at the Rose of Australia throughout its history, making it an equal staple in the Erskineville pub scene.

Recent sales

Recently sold properties sold by our team in Erskineville include 3 Morrissey Road, 2 Parkers Lane and 72 Albert Street.

If you’d like to make this inner-city melting pot part of your backyard, contact us today.