Creating Your Own Urban Sanctuary

February 6th, 2020 - by Brad Gillespie

When you live in the busy, bustling inner-city, creating a domestic space that soothes your soul can do wonders for your mental health and happiness.

Regardless of whether you live in an inner-west terrace home or an inner-city unit, there are many ways to make your space more peaceful and calming.

Choose calming colours

It’s generally wise to choose neutral paint tones for your walls so that the colour isn’t overwhelming. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to those endless shades of white or grey. Lilac and light green (‘neo-mint’) emerged as trending colours for 2020 at Milan Design Week, while the popularity of Millennial Pink endured too. International Klein Blue – a very deep, dark blue – was also very much in play, and this shade can make a striking yet calming choice for bedroom walls.

Add bright colour pops

While you want the overall feel of your colour scheme to be relaxing rather than busy, adding bright colour pops amongst neutral shades adds interest and can look amazing. Experiment with adding pops of bright colour through your choice of soft furnishings or consider painting just one small room in a bright primary colour. Try scattering brightly patterned cushions around, add an arresting lamp or paint the back of an open bookshelf in a lively shade. Adding a single cushy armchair in a rich jewel-tone to an otherwise neutral space is a great look, and can create a small refuge to escape into.

Create a reading corner or meditation nook

Make a restful calm pocket in the sunniest spot in your home where you can sit and read, relax, meditate or just breathe deeply and enjoy a cup of tea. Pile up big comfy cushions that you can lounge on and surround yourself with a few of your favourite objects that bring you joy. Add a few scented candles and pot plants or fresh flowers and you have an instant mini oasis in your home.

Declutter and reclaim space

Marie Kondo had many madly decluttering this year. Whether or not you buy into her whole philosophy, there’s no doubt that less cluttered spaces feel more restful. For many – families with small children in particular – this can be easier said than done. However, it’s often just a matter of finding better storage solutions. Try large baskets for miscellaneous clutter, oversized closing bins for toys, and choose furniture that incorporates storage in and under it wherever possible, particularly in small spaces where storage space is at a premium.

Go greener

Even if you don’t have an outdoor space you can easily add more greenery to your home. Consider growing herbs in small pots on a sun-soaked windowsill or dot potted plants around the home – good options for indoor plants in spaces with low or no light include Peace Lilies, Spider Trees, Heart-Leaf Philodendrons and Peacock Plants. Bromeliads can survive on fluorescent light alone so are perfect for adding greenery to bathrooms that lack natural light. Ladders are an attractive way of displaying a variety of potted plants in a small space.

Vertical gardening

Vertical gardening is an increasingly popular home gardening trend that maximises even the smallest spaces. A vertical garden can draw attention to an area or disguise an unattractive fence or wall. Trellis can be used to grow vines, flowers, herbs, and even vegetables. Some keen home gardeners are even creating ‘living walls’ indoors that add calming greenery and also helps purify your home’s air.

Scent your space

One of the cheapest, easiest and fastest ways to bring calm to your home is the power of aromatherapy, whether it’s scented candles, an oil burner or fresh flowers. Choose scents that make you feel calm and happy or evoke fond memories. Some popular choices, which are also thought to be good for reducing stress, are lavender, rose, jasmine, bergamot and chamomile.

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