Is Christmas a good time to sell your property?

November 21st, 2018 - by Brad Gillespie

As the Christmas and holiday season approaches, is putting your property on the market a good idea? We did the homework for you.

Inform yourself - no matter what the season is

Christmas or not, it’s important to be realistic about what you can expect if you’re planning to sell. Start by familiarising yourself with the demand for similar houses in your area - browse listings of properties sold over the past few weeks and get a sense if houses like yours are selling, and at what price.

Listings will give you a feel of the way property sales are trending, but your next and best source of information should be your local real estate agent.

Pre- or post-Christmas: Is Christmas a good time to sell?

Buyers can often take a break from searching during the busy month leading up to the end of the year. And it is true that many people are out of town in December, so the pool of buyers can diminish. But what is also true is that there are fewer properties on the market, and potentially more buyers competing for the ones that are available. And with online listings, buyers often use the downtime of the summer holidays to start their house search, no matter where they may be. Each case is different and arming yourself with the right tools and information is very important.

While January auctions are becoming more common, most vendors wait until after Australia Day and school holidays are over before scheduling an auction.

Even if your sales campaign doesn’t launch until the new year, December can be a good time to appoint an agent and get your marketing material prepared. Creating a good relationship with an agent can make all the difference to your selling experience and outcome.

Choose an agent who has covered your area for many years and is abreast of market and seasonal changes. A good agent will give you an honest overview of what you can expect, without trying to oversell you.

Our team often work with database buyers over the holiday period. If a property is not sold off-market during this time, it will be the first up for a public campaign in the new year. This can be a great strategy with excellent results.

In addition, once January comes, we find we typically achieve great results in the first group of sales for the year.

Ready set go

If you decide you want to take the plunge before Christmas, or even in January, then it really is time to get ready. Given the short time frame, you will need to act fast, not only in arranging market appraisals and selecting an agent, but also in lining up marketing, and ensuring your property is ready for inspection. Generally, your agent will make suggestions for small improvements that could positively influence the buyers’ decision. You will need to set aside the time and budget to act quickly and efficiently.

Don’t get discouraged

Of course, there is the chance that, despite your and your agent’s best efforts, you might not sell before the end of the year. Don’t despair. January is a quiet month when it comes to auctions, but not necessarily to sales. Your property will benefit from being among the first available of the year.

Book a market appraisal with our team today. You will get advice tailored to your particular situation: your exact location, the type of property you are selling, the current market interest in it.